Maintenance of fire protection systems

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   Fire fighting system maintenance according to international processes in the company FPF E & C Pacific. Like the air conditioning system , ventilation , electricity, water , fire protection is an indispensable system for houses and buildings . The usefulness of the fire fighting system was spelled out in its name the ” Fire Prevention – Fire ” . The use and maintain the system properly will help them work more durable and accurate . So every now select a unit of fire fighting system maintenance professional to minimize the cost of repairs – changing device. E & C Co. Pacific is a maintenance unit ” professional ” .  Benefits of using the services of the Pacific is ” more level AdWords cost and maximum efficiency .”

  • 01 Hotline : (+84) 0965 929 114 – Email:
  • 02 Hotline : (+84) 0962 683 555 – Mr Tuan Anh
  • Phone : (+84) 046253.8882 / Fax : (+84) 046253.8882

* Advantages when using the services of E & C Pacific Unbeatable price ( the cheapest in Hanoi ) Construction of the time required Best finishing quality

Maintenance process – checking system

1. Check the fire pump control panel :

– Check light phase : To Test view 3

-phase power to have lost phase .

– Overload indicator : To Test see pump overheating or overload .

– Check the Volt , Ampere : View input voltage value is not sufficient .

– Check the operation mode of the cabinet ( always in Auto mode ) .

– Check the overall CB , CB pump controller : See CB unusual incidents not , CB is in state of ON .

– Intermediate relay , delay timer : Test to see the good points shutdowns .

– Check the automatic charging : Value AC and DC power to the average .

2. Check the fire pump:

– Electric pumps, compensation pump: There is not overheating, the rotation speed is normal, not strange cries, check if the machine has no electric leakage.

– Diesel Pumps:

+ There is not overheating, the rotation speed is normal, not strange cries, check if the machine has no electric leakage.

+ Check the status of the oil leak.

+ Check the average offer Volt average, average water level, the exposed pile, the average leakage.

– Check the fire main pipe on the floor:

+ Check the valve main water pipeline for the floor level.

+ Check the main water supply pipe for the floor have not been leaked.

+ Check the water pressure gauges.

+ Check the system of fire sprinklers in the floors.

3. Maintenance, cleaning and maintenance Fire extinguisher box fire

– Hygiene Fire box and fire extinguisher in the room with a cloth wipe and alcohol.

– Check the pressure of the extinguisher.

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